Every Day is a school day.

Like any job or hobby, it is important to keep your skills honed. The fundamentals of photography don't change - there are factors which you take into account and shoot accordingly to create the image you want. However, there are many different ways of interpreting what you see in front of you. When a photographer who I have been a fan of for a long time said he was willing to share his skills on branding and approach, I jumped at the chance. What made it even better, was another fantastic photographer was also speaking too.

Not only was the workshop extremely helpful to my business in focusing my direction moving forward, it was a great way to forge new realtionships with like-minded creatives. There is a saying that is shared a lot within creative circles and that day was that embodied:

Community over competition.

*Something important to note*

These images are shot as part of a styled shoot. This means that there are little to no time constraints, lighting issues or posing issues. Whilst this was a 'real couple' they had had their wedding and knew how to take direction. It is important to recognise that whilst these shoots are a great way to shoot content that you specifically want to showcase as a photographer [as perhaps you haven't had a wedding with a sweet motorbike etc!], they don't necessarily reflect what you might face during your wedding and therfore please view these as inspiration and not a reflection of a real wedding.

What you need to take from this is that, provided we carve out a little time here and there during your wedding day, rest assured I can make you look as cool as these legends.


The day was so awesome and that awesomeness was provided by

Workshop: @‌markhortonphotos@lewismembery

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Hat: @lackofcoloraus

Dress: @ruedeseinebridal

Florist: @bloomstreetflorals

Bike: @slappindustries_photos

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Stationery: @peachwolfe

Couple: @selllis__ + @danjellis